Vip Castell: Metal Processing and handling

Metal Processing and handling

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Pol. Ind. El Vapor C2
08183 Castellterçol
Tel/Fax 93 866 85 71

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The Company

VIP Castell is specialized in metal processing and handling of all types of products. We are manufacturers of corkscrew.


Metal Processing and handling

An experience of more than 10 years in the treatment of metals, such as stamping, tapping, punching or riveting, the company has established itself in the metallurgical sector.

The handling of products is the second major area, offering services such as packaging and display assembly, enveloping, placement of stickers and labels or shrink.

In all processes we make the selection and verification of parts to ensure that the final product entering the market meets the specifications set.

VIP Castell is established in Castellterçol, Vallès Oriental, within a 1000m2 premises and we have the latest technology to treat metals. We provide our services anywhere in the country and internationally.

Our goal is to achieve the customer satisfaction through professional work within the time limit set and the production of high quality products with technical accuracy.


Certified company with ISO 9001 quality standard